Rental Costumes

Our stores offer a large selection of rental costumes for a variety of events from decade theme parties to costumes suitable for school projects and holidays. Costume rentals are currently only available through our two store locations. Please call if you have questions about rentals or to reserve a costume. To browse our selection, visit us at one of the 2 locations. You may download the contract from the link below. Please note that you still must call to confirm or initiate any type of rental reservation.

Click Here For Printable Rental Contract

How long do I get to keep my rental?

Generally, rental periods last three days . The day you pick-up and the day you return are counted as part of the three day rental. However, due to large volume and high demand, Eddie's offers a special rental period during the Halloween season.

I need my costume for more than three days. How much will it be?

It will be a charge of $10 each additional day provided you make arrangements upon reservation. The $10 each additional day DOES NOT apply to late return of costumes.

I just need my costume for one day, is it the same price?

Yes. There will be NO refunds, exchanges, or store credits given for early return on rented item(s).

Do I need to clean my costume?

No. All cleaning fees are included in your rental price.

What times can I pick-up / return my costume?

You may return or pick-up your rental any time during the hours of operation. Please note store hours will vary during the month of October.

I lost my costume, it was stolen or I like it so much I want to keep it! What do I do?

The individual who signed the rental contract is responsible for any missing costume. You will be charged the purchase price for the rental item minus the rental fee you paid. This is the same for purchases of rented items.

I believe my costume is badly damaged. What do I do?

DO NOT attempt to clean or mend your rental! Return your costume on the designated return date and we will decide the extent of the damages and you will be charged accordingly. Generally, you will be charged the deposit on the rental. Please be aware that there are some exceptions where the price of replacing or mending a costume exceeds the deposit.

I have lost a piece or several pieces of my rental. What do I do?

Return your costume on the designated return date and we will HOLD your deposit until the piece(s) are returned. If you cannot return the pieces , you will be charged the security deposit or the price to replace any missing piece(s). You will have 5 days to return any missing part of the costume. After that, the security deposit will be charged to the credit card number provided for deposit. Please be aware that there are some exceptions where the price for replacing missing pieces may exceed the security deposit.

When do I pay for my costume rental and deposit?

A security deposit must be paid if you decide you want to reserve your costume. The rental fee is not due until you pick-up your costume. You may pay in advance the rental fee plus the deposit. Please be aware that there will be NO REFUNDS. ALL RENTAL FEES AND DEPOSITS MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE THE COSTUME LEAVES THE STORE!!

What is a security deposit?

A security deposit is an ADDITIONAL charge that is required on all rentals. All deposits must be made with a major credit card. The deposit is not charged to your credit card, provided the rented item(s) passes the inspection codes listed on the rental contract.

I cannot return my rental on the designated return date. What will I be charged?

If the rented item(s) is not returned before the store closes on the agreed rental period; the deposit will be charged to the credit card provided. In addition, there will be a $10 charge made to the credit card number provided each additional day the costume is not returned. If the rented item(s) is not returned within 10 days past the agreed return date, the provided credit card number will be charged all late fees plus the retail value of the item(s) listed on the signed rental contract.

I reserved a costume but I no longer need it! Will I still be charged?

The security deposit WILL BE CHARGED to the credit card number given in the event of cancellation. Please choose your costume wisely because there will be NO REFUNDS whatsoever.

May I switch my reservation for a completely different costume or size?

Due to large demand and high volume, there will be a $10 "switch fee" during the month of October. There are no "switch fee" charges for the rest of the year.

Printable Rental Contract