Mehron Pirate Character Makeup Kit

Mehron Pirate Character Makeup Kit

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Product Description

This Complete Pirate Character Kit by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, includes all the Professional Performance Makeup you will need to portray the fiercest swashbuckler of the high seas. The Pirate Character Kit comes with step by step instructions written by a Professional Makeup Artist that shows you how to apply this professional makeup to transform your modern self into a Century Buccaneer. Mehron has packed this Pirate Character Kit to include a 3-Color Palette, Tooth F-X and even the applicators and removers needed for your Pirate performance. A mean ornery Pirate would not be fearsome without an eye patch and bandanna so Mehron has even included those along with an earring, because those mean old pirates have a thing for earrings. Johnny Depp will have nothing on you in the Makeup Department when you use the Mehron Pirate Character Kit for your next Caribbean Adventure on the High Seas. Step-by-Step instructions, 3-Color Palette, Tooth F-X, Makeup Remover Cloth, Colorset Setting Powder, Non-latex Foam Wedge, Powder Puff, Eye Patch, Head Bandanna & No Holes - Earring.