Mehron Goth/Punk Character Makeup Kit

Mehron Goth/Punk Character Makeup Kit

Code: A0200GP



Product Description

The Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit features all the essential makeup and accessories to create a Goth/Punk costume for Halloween or any costume party. Although it is a Character Kit, you can add all the individuality you want when using the various makeup, nail polish, lip liner and applicators to accomplish your ultimate Gothic character. Included in the Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit are step by step instructions on how to apply all the ingredients of a Gothic or Punk character. The Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit has all the necessities, including Gothic/Punk jewelry, but there is plenty of room in these character kits for the imagination. This Complete Goth/Punk Character Kit is made by Mehron, the Leader in Theatrical Makeup since 1927. Your Mehron Goth/Punk Character Kit comes complete with: Step-by-Step instructions, White Color Cup Makeup, Black Shadow Liner Makeup, Black Nail Polish, Black Lipstick, Temporary Black Hair Gel, Makeup Remover Cloth, Full Size Pencil Liner, Colorset Setting Powder, Non-latex Foam Wedge, Powder Puff, No Holes Body Jewelry & No Holes Tongue Stud.